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Thread: Help needed to promote GCSE and A Level maths revision.

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    Help needed to promote GCSE and A Level maths revision.

    Hi all,

    As some of you may know I teach maths, and recently at work I have been charged with trying to build the results through promoting maths videos. As such I have made revision videos for both GCSE and A Level maths which I've put a link to underneath, unsure how to embed them on my iPad.

    If you know anyone who is studying maths could at GCSE or a level, could you let them know, or if not spare a few mins to watch them to either give me feedback, or at least get the views up so that they are higher up the YouTube pecking order.

    Many thanks, LFC vs PFC


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    I know guys who might help you. 1st you can read and choose what you like here later they'll teach you

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    If you find yourself among those who are incapable of completing academic nursing papers on their own, without some help from more skilled individuals, you don’t have to berate yourself: there are many other people like you, and there will be still more afterward. for outstanding grades at nursing school.

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