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Thread: Walking Dead Series 7 **contains spoilers**

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    Yes, but questions:

    Who was in the car with Father Gabriel?

    I suspect the package left on the boat was being tracked, and that new group at the end were behind it. I think someone had already followed the package back to Alexandria and then forced Gabriel to collect it all and take it to the new group.

    What made Rick Smile?

    I think he sees it as an opportunity. He recognises, with all the women there and the way they dress, that this isn't the Saviours - and maybe he even sees Father Gabriel. This is another potential army.

    How awesome was the car-cable scene?

    Silly and like a computer game, but absolutely acceptable. I want to see more creative ways to deal with the zombies, interspersed with realistic ways to deal with the human threat. Dynamite is a good start!
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    Heath! Heath... that's who I'd forgotten. I was thinking if anyone had 'gone missing' and who would be a welcome sight for Rick to smile at. It makes perfect sense that Heath is a part of that ambush group and Rick sees that as a positive.

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    Thoroughly enjoyable episode. Didnt like any of that last half season at all. I want to see more walker action and this was just the ticket.
    The guy in the car with Gabriel is surely the one who was watching him at the end of the last episode? The guy who also watched rick and aaron raid the boat. ( where were all those people when that happened?!).
    Im not sure wether rick has spotted heath or wether hes just got a big smile because hes thinking "yeah these guys will definitley want to be kicking the saviours arses!".
    The car clothes line section was definitley back to the original early season action, Dealing with the threat of walkers with aplomb.
    I love Rosita. Id leave my wife for her.

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