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Thread: Rate the last film you watched

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    Quote Originally Posted by JAYPEA View Post
    Bohemian rhapsody. Bloody brilliant. Had it all with some goosebump moments. Sad in a way knowing how it all ended. Starts and ends with live aid. Went with my daughter who at 12 same age as when i watched it in 86. Well worth seeing this one in cinema.
    13th July 1985....Those were the days!!..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Martyboy View Post
    13th July 1985....Those were the days!!..
    Oh. Must have been 11 then. Would have gone with 86 for the million pound question!! 86 better year Mexico world
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    A star is born - Meh, watched with the wife. Middle of the road film. 5/10

    Night school - Absolute shitshow of a film which relies on people being fucking thick or a guilty white man complex to get any sort of laugh. -13/10

    BlacKkKlansman - Excellent film with real chemistry between Adam Driver and the lead character. The end scene is terrifying how little progress has been made in some areas of America (the White House being one). 9/10

    Mary Poppins Returns - A less good remake of one of the best movies of all time. Was never going to be as good, but decent nonetheless. 7/10.
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    Watched in the last couple of weeks:

    Big Fish

    An absolutely adorable, feel-good movie. Understated wackiness from Tim Burton. 6.5 / 10 for me.

    Catch Me If You Can

    I think this would have been the first Leo Di Caprio movie to make me think "Hang on, this fella can actually act a bit y'know...". Fantastic recounting of a real story, and all the performances were absolutely top-notch. 8.5 / 10

    Avengers: Infinity War

    Not nearly as good on the small screen as in the cinema. When you don't have the full audio / visual experience going on, you realise that there's not very much to the story. Thanos is still one of the better Marvel villains though, at least he has some rationalisation behind what he is doing. 5 / 10.

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