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Thread: Has the door creaked open a tiny bit for Sakho?

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    Has the door creaked open a tiny bit for Sakho?

    In this article in the guardian, which is about Mourinho and Klopp's touchline behaviour, there is a paragraph at the end in which Klopp didn't say that the door was finally closed on Sakho and suggested that he had seen a change in him in the last month.Am I reading it wrong? Still think a Sakho with his head on right could be a valuable member of our squad.

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    Well the journalist says no hope...but Klopp doesn't gain anything from publicly chopping him now.

    Klopp offered no hope to Mamadou Sakho of the defender reviving his career at Liverpool once a loan deal with Crystal Palace expires in the summer. The France international was ostracised at Anfield for several disciplinary issues before joining Palace on loan on deadline day.

    Asked whether Sakho could return to favour at Liverpool, Klopp replied: “If I should give advice to Mama I would do it personally, not in front of a television. Who knows what happens in half a year? We felt already what changed in one month and there is another five to go.

    “He should concentrate on the job at Palace and we should concentrate on the job here. At the moment he is on loan and he still has a contract at Liverpool but that is not the thing we talk or think about at this moment. It is a solution for the moment and we can wait for new impressions and what happens.”

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    A door just creaked open? The exit door's wide open, too clumsy, lacks agility, he should consider during his time at Palace doing a lot more agility & pace off the mark work & do a lot less of the weights

    In his younger career, before he bulked himself up & put too much emphasis on physical strength he was able to play LCB & LB equally well, he lost that ability through his own doing

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    His only hope to play for Liverpool again is for Palace to get relegated and so no permanent offer would be likely. He ends up back and gets lucky with a need at CB and Klopp has a change of heart. Pretty unlikely stuff.

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    No way the door is creaking open. It's being bricked up and plastered over!

    Klopp may have noted a tiny difference in attitude of this last month, but it's all way too late - it should have come at the very first opportunity after he got banned for being stupidly risky with dietary pills.

    Sakho clowned around at the Summer Tour, showing very little maturity, focus or regret. He's just not Klopp's type of player. As Paco Ayestaran said recently on TAW Podcast. You build a squad first on the right personalities, then you improve them and add quality around them. Klopp is making sure the wrong personalities are not around the 1st team so I seriously doubt he'd risk bringing Sakho back into that.
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    Well it's cracked open for palace today after losing 0-4 to sunderland and he was on the bench!

    If anyone thinks lucas/klavan was better options then yeah....

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    I'm one of sahkos staunchest defenders- but he's been buried at sea.

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    Palace's performances since Sakho has been in defence are really impressive.
    Before yesterday's game at Chelsea it was 3 clean sheet.
    The Chelsea game was a great rearguard action and Sakho was singled out by Keown on MOTD as being instrumental in that action.
    The guy does have something about him.
    I do not think the door should be shut on his Anfield career just yet!

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    I really like the guy but I'm not sure Klopp would have him back after the trouble he's caused.
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    Something major happened during the tour between him and Klopp that's why he was sent home. So I doubt he'll play for us again.

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