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Thread: Tickets for West Brom?

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    Tickets for West Brom?

    Hi all,
    I find myself in Wolverhampton this weekend visiting my grandparents and realized that I'm only a short tram ride away from West Brom. Anyone know how I may be able to get tickets? I've tried calling the Hawthorn's box office and apparently you have to be a member to buy tickets, but they aren't accepting any new members at this time. Any thoughts? I'm looking for 3 tickets.

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    If I was you I'd try to find out where the away fans are boozing after they get off the coaches/trains from Liverpool and head to those pubs asap sunday 11am. You may get lucky and find someone hasn't travelled and their mate has the ticket going spare. Buy the fella a few drinks if you do get a spare though. Not sure how thriving the wba touting scene is, some brummie just might sell you an overpriced ticket in the home end - be aware of fakes!!

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    Sounds about right , rock up, try your luck and hope for the best.

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