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Thread: Jordan Henderson

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    Jordan Henderson

    I've never been a massive fan of Henderson and am going to say that I think he is bang average...

    Would he get in any other top 4 premier league sides midfield- I don't think he would and I certainly don't think any of them would make him their club captain.

    Too many times yesterday I watched him hit hopeful balls, which lead to us giving the ball away and his general decision making didn't seem to be that of a 27 year old international midfielder.

    I appreciate that the rest of the midfield were also pretty poor yesterday but he was off the pace and when we needed him to really dig in and show why he's captain, he went missing!

    Some might say that it's knee jerk but I just don't think he's at the level required for us to kick on...
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    Won't win anything with him as our "main" midfielder in the middle and our captain...

    Don't think injuries have helped, but he's always going to have that ankle problem or foot whatever it is, doesn't help.

    Never been "top class" his range of passing can be nice on his day, and he works hard but apart from that I don't see what he offers, he didn't really do anything to help the back4 yesterday.

    Think there's a reason Klopp is after a CM aswell as a CB, because the midfield area is dross, I thought we'd replace Can first mind you. (the fact he's a little slow and his contract situation, wouldn't be surprised if he ended up going on a free because we're useless)
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    Never been a fan of his either. Having said that, he was useful as a water carrier, when Gerrard was around. However, the injuries have taken that away from his game and he's now being deployed as a DM/quarter back, which he just isn't suited to.
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    I like him but think hes definitley not playing as well as he once was. Early on last season he was good and we missed him when he got injured. Aside from that though its an area we need an uprgrade on and have done since Gerrard retired.

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    can't stand the sight of him in the shirt. a truly awful footballer and its a disgrace that a player of his quality is our captain

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    Quote Originally Posted by pob View Post
    can't stand the sight of him in the shirt. a truly awful footballer and its a disgrace that a player of his quality is our captain
    Maybe Lovren can take over, I'm struggling to think who could actually be Captain...

    We don't have any leadership (another thing that hasn't been addressed) no commanding players

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    I think Henderson's biggest issue is that he can do bits-and-pieces of thing that some of our recent midfielders can do, but his ceiling isn't as high as any of them.

    Can cover space like Mascherano, but not as well.

    Can pick someone out and spray the ball to them, like Alonso, but not as consistently.

    Can bang it in from 25 yards, like Gerrard did pre-2010, but nowhere near as often.

    Can hassle and harry and be generally wasp-ish, like Lucas, but not to the same degree.

    I also think he's over-worked at times - I did a post a while ago where I divided the pitch up into squares and most players had 4 to operate in for the bulk of their work, whereas Henderson has to cover six at times, often by himself. One of the Redmen TV chaps did a video on Klopp's tactics which covered a similar vein of thought.

    He also has this issue with the heel.

    He's a relatively well-rounded player, but frustratingly just can't seem to excel in one particular midfield craft, which is a shame.

    If we could improve upon him, it would of course be ideal, though I'd rather we address other weaknesses in our side first.
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    Typical English player ticks all the boxes and more often than not a 7/10 sometimes better, sometimes less.
    The captaincy is to big for him and I think VVD would've got it if he had signed in time.

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    Firstly on the captaincy with whose here, I'd give it to Firmino. Fit, works his arse of and has quality.

    Hendos performance yesterday was on the back of missing games so I'd give him a pass of sorts for his sloppy play and poor passes. Saying that I thought he was out of position for the second and doesn't seem to lead well. Say what you like about Gerrard's leadership over Carraghers, hendos playing a DM and needs/needed to be Carragher like in vocal organising/ball breaking. He doesn't really seem to do the Gerrard style either tbh. Kicking the pitch after the second was significantly poor leadership.

    Personally prefer to see Can as our 6. Though Can has his own critics on here too.

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    He defines average. Doesn't do anything extraordinarily well, has one class goal a season, passes it backwards as much as forward. He always give his best effort, but him being captain sadly says a lot about the lack of strong character in the squad. Filling Stevie's role was never going to happen for him, and now the heel has made him miss too many games.

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