what I mean being physically weak.. Coutinho is fantastic coming in off the left... when we play with 4/4/1/1.. everything is to feet.. and the opposition is forced backwards and the defend in front on 35/40 yards from their goal. Klopp replaced the wide players in the game.. when the issue was down the middle we should always play 3 with natural midfielders and drop off the play then break.. right now we are trying to be very neat and tidy and try all kids of little movements up the top of the pitch.. But its very easy to defend front on. and especially at the start of games teams are very fit and close the space down in numbers quickly.
when you play wth players Like Firmino/Lallana and so on.. we will be fking great but have no end product at all.

There is nothing wrong with being defensive and then counter attacking.. But we don't play like that..