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Thread: Worst Xmas ever !#?

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    Worst Xmas ever !#?

    Jurgen Klopp: Liverpool's potential Christmas schedule is 'worst you can get'

    Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp says his side's potential Christmas schedule is "possibly the worst you can get".

    Reports suggest Liverpool could be forced to play four games in nine days, including an away fixture against Arsenal on Christmas Eve.

    It would be the first top-flight game for 22 years to be held on 24 December.

    "If the supporters want to see a game on Christmas Eve then probably the television broadcaster will find a way to deliver it," Klopp said.

    "If we play on December 24th I am not sure we can fight against it."

    The Premier League are set to release the televised fixtures for the Christmas period in the week beginning 16 October.

    Speaking at a news conference on Friday, Klopp added: "Sky has to make a decision if they really want to bring supporters on to the streets that night.

    "For us, we are used to it. It is not a normal time and if we don't play on the 24th, we'll play the 25th or 26th. But it is still Christmas for our families.

    "Just think of all the other people involved who have to go there. Maybe we will play without the media - that would be nice, just one camera.

    "I really cannot imagine that anyone wants to watch football on that night."

    View from the fans

    James McKenna, from the Liverpool supporters group 'Spirit of Shankly' told BBC Radio 5 live: "It seems that in pursuit of the TV schedule people who actually go to football matches have been forgotten.

    "It's not physically impossible, 22 footballers can turn up and play on Christmas Eve but if you're a fan, you're saying on Christmas Eve you won't do anything you usually do.

    "There has been no consultation with supporters. The Premier League and Sky should understand our concerns and seeing as it's the season of good will, we would ask them to show a bit and not schedule any matches for that day.

    "There is lots of anger and frustration from Arsenal supporters too. If it doesn't happen to us, this could well happen to one of the other 18 teams."

    Shocking stuff !!
    Leaking the fixtures before Halloween

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    Just another demonstration of idiocy from the PL, why can't they schedule games in and around Xmas and new year between teams relatively close by each other. Have seen a few tv games early or late on Boxing Day and NYD where Newcastle have been involved against a team from the south coast, whether there is a train available or not is not really the solution as they are much more expensive than the coaches.

    Cast your mind back to an FA final we played, late kickoff where if there was ET. Or penalties and I think the last scheduled West Coast mainline train had left London. Authorities don't give a shit about the travelling supporters, as long as the ground is full for the cameras to pan round on.

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    So if we play arsenal at The Emirates on the 24th we're expected to travel to London to watch the match on Xmas eve 😂 fucking cretins

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    Im working 24/25th days 26/7th nites. Now that fucking shit!

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