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Thread: Newcastle v Liverpool 1-10-17 Match Thread

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    Missed the 1st half, work...half time synapsis please.
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    One straight long ball between our CB’s to a second rate, slow striker and in it goes. Nothing at all to do with all out attacking or poor tactics, just sub standard defenders. Matip has been as bad as anyone this this season.

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    Can't defend set pieces and can't defend the counter. Madness that this continues year in year out.

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    dejavu for the 900th billion time.. we look good score a great goal and concede a ridiculous one. what annoyed me is lovren looking around for the offside and doing nothing.. if he had sprinted back he may have got some where to the ball trickling into out goal.the man doesn't care. I actually starting to despise him
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    Quote Originally Posted by Steveo View Post
    Erm..... Switch on brain and ask the question again...
    My brain's full switched on, i'm just not as fickle as some.
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    We're not playing great, but we don't really need to play all that great to beat Newcastle. Just need to put the ball in the net. Which is exactly what coutinho did.

    Defence letting the rest of the team down again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lionfish View Post
    Who'd want play for us with
    these sunday league defenders behind them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Artisan View Post
    Missed the 1st half, work...half time synapsis please.
    Sloppy play overall, moment of perfection from Coutinho. Then long pass to a striker starting his run at midfield. Both CB's guarding nothing and it's a breakaway. Matip tackles from behind deflecting ball off striker and into our goal
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    Tough game. Newcastle are well drilled, theres no space but chances have came and went as per usual. The two centre backs should be thoroughly embarrassed for letting that ball through. How has Lovren not cut that out.
    We arent playing well and theres a few on that pitch who need to be doing more.

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    Could be worse lads, could have a whole team building- of a summer like Neverton, 7 pts from 7 games, thinking they'd get close to top4? hahaha wankers

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