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Thread: Mane injured

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    Quote Originally Posted by Insidious View Post
    Salah will be absolutely buzzing after the 95th minute winner for Egypt and hopefully he is set for a beast of a performance.

    Head says we're losing this one but the Heart yearns for gutsiness and defiance.
    Draw write all over it for me BUT we are surely due a win and I can't think of a better way to banish the recent doom than to beat an expensively assembled United side managed by that slimy, smug twat Mourinho..

    I think Anfield might just crackle like a huge bonfire on Saturday Lunchtime... Please let's destroy them..!

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    Quote Originally Posted by JoeBloggs View Post
    The World's International LFC podcast returns with a Star Wars Themed Episode This Week Where The Boys Had Fun With The SW Phrasebook!

    1. Salah, the Last Jedi and the International/News Roundup
    2. I Spy, scum in Your Eye – a tactical review of Manchester United
    3. Naked scum – injuries and availability
    4. Is this the Liverpool we’re looking for? – what will it take for us to beat the scum
    5. Game of Predictions

    See if you can catch all the SW phrases used throughout the episode!
    May the Force be with you!
    I've never understood the fascination with this,even as a 9 year old kid in 1977 when the original movie came out I watched half hour of it and thought 'What a load of rubbish'...

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    [QUOTE=Pigsy;2485735]Who is the one man, Mane, Coutinho or Salah. Have I missed anyone else?

    With Mane Without Mane

    Games Played 32 13
    Goals per Game 2.2 1.6
    Win Rate 59 % 46%
    Loss Rate 13% 23%
    Points per Game 2.1 1.7
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