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Thread: Clyne another 3 months out

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    Clyne another 3 months out

    Back surgery

    Time for a new RB?

    Or keep playing Taa and hope he stays fit?

    We're so short at the back, with quality and depth.

    Also apparently mane is back at LFC early, slight niggle again?
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    Fuck for this.
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    Just saw this......have a feeling we wont see him at all this season. Backs are tough to heal.

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    We've got Trent, we've got Milner, Hell, could it even be a chance for Robertson to get a go? Or does he only play left-back?

    Could we even try Henderson there and mix the midfield up a bit?
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    He's out for up to 3 months and we wouldn't signs anyone for 2 months anyway.

    "We showed him to specialists all over the world and it is not a big problem, it just needs time, that is all."

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    Don't give a fuck about clyne, I mean I hope he gets better, but not bothered about missing him. Gomez is a good player but he'll never make a full back for a top team in the long run, needs to start getting chances at CB. Taa on the other hand isn't good enough to play for the first team each week, but he has a high ceiling so hope he keeps getting chances. Clyne is a very safe option that most managers and fans would love for years, but having an attacking fullback adds a whole other dimension to our game.

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