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Thread: LFC cl team 2017v2018

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    LFC cl team 2017v2018

    So pre vvd was looking forward to it, with glee with Vvd and somewhat sullen since Phil left.

    My 2017 team
    Taa/Gomez Matip Lovren/Klavan Moreno
    Wijnaldum Can
    Mane Coutinho
    Salah Firmino

    My 2018 team
    Taa/Gomez Matip Vvd Moreno/Robertson
    Wijnaldum Can/Milner
    Mane Oxtail/Lallana
    Salah Firmino

    Now 433 if you like...

    Vvd in Lovren? Out.
    Robertson playing lb
    Milner might usurp Can...
    Phil out Oxtail/Lallana in

    Hopefully Mane returns to form.

    The addition of Vvd in my estimation will bring more to the team than the drop off from Phil's departure! #spine

    The departure of Phil concerns me as he plays either at Lwf or 8. With one less fab4 we are more dependent on the other 3 - rotation/injury concern.

    Robertson is up to speed, think Moreno starts ahead of him , but he's there if chosen/needed.

    Milner might usurp Can.

    I think we have to add for Phil's departure for the whole seasons rotating - goals +or assists - even if the player is not able to play cl football.

    But as of now, with who we have here already...

    Which team is stronger ?

    2017 or 2018 ?

    Phil's departure weakens us, but think we'll be stronger

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    A pretty good stats review on LFC with and without Coutinho in all games this season.
    Few interesting comparisons between our attacking players. Very few tbh more team analysis and veberal football match predicting variables.

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