So pre vvd was looking forward to it, with glee with Vvd and somewhat sullen since Phil left.

My 2017 team
Taa/Gomez Matip Lovren/Klavan Moreno
Wijnaldum Can
Mane Coutinho
Salah Firmino

My 2018 team
Taa/Gomez Matip Vvd Moreno/Robertson
Wijnaldum Can/Milner
Mane Oxtail/Lallana
Salah Firmino

Now 433 if you like...

Vvd in Lovren? Out.
Robertson playing lb
Milner might usurp Can...
Phil out Oxtail/Lallana in

Hopefully Mane returns to form.

The addition of Vvd in my estimation will bring more to the team than the drop off from Phil's departure! #spine

The departure of Phil concerns me as he plays either at Lwf or 8. With one less fab4 we are more dependent on the other 3 - rotation/injury concern.

Robertson is up to speed, think Moreno starts ahead of him , but he's there if chosen/needed.

Milner might usurp Can.

I think we have to add for Phil's departure for the whole seasons rotating - goals +or assists - even if the player is not able to play cl football.

But as of now, with who we have here already...

Which team is stronger ?

2017 or 2018 ?

Phil's departure weakens us, but think we'll be stronger