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Thread: Summer 2019

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    Summer 2019

    Llorente has a £28million release clause in his contract – could Jurgen Klopp be tempted to bring him in as an upgrade on Matip and Dejan Lovren this summer?
    “We have to change, from doubters to believers—now.”

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    Anyone know anything about him? Maybe a backup to a fully fit Gomez??

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    Offers in excess of £20 million could be fielded in summer, but while many supporters have called for Wilson to at least replace perhaps the likes of Adam Lallana in the first-team squad, it seems Jurgen Klopp and Co. are yet to be quite as convinced.

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    Llorente? Who does he play for?
    We were linked witj the Ajax guy de ligt last summer. Meant to be good but obviously plenty will be interested too.
    Koulibaly would be top of the list but he will go for more than King Virgil. Imagine those two though, some partnership that.
    Its attacking mids im interested in, not really sure who fits the bill.

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    Don't see a CF playing CB myself.
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    We’ve conceded a miserly 15 goals all season, the budget needs to go on more creativity and goals from the bench.

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    I don't get the current criticisms of Matip. You can only play as well as you play. and hes been very good since he came back into the 11.
    We need an out and out winger someone who can go around the back of the fullback and turn the opposition around.
    and attacking midfielder and another centre forward. Obviously the players have to be 100% class. not some shit
    Leader of all..master of none..

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    What about this Nicholas Pepe fella Dicko, you seen him play much over there ?

    Been linked with a few clubs including us. Would he make it elsewhere ?

    Never seen him play myself.

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    How do you know I'm in france?

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    Quote Originally Posted by dicko1969 View Post
    How do you know I'm in france?
    It came up before.

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