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Thread: Summer 2019

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    Sturridge’s £150k per week off the wage bill
    One or two who are out on loan. We got £35m for Ibe and Solanke remember.

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    Oh and the £20m for Ings will come in this summer.

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    Gomez isn't injury prone.
    It's more about luck.
    The impact injuries are bad luck.

    Fingers crossed he comes back stronger.
    According to what I've read it seems the ankle injury was fixed by nicking bone from his hip.

    Gomez at this moment is better than de ligt.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ianlfc View Post
    Gareth Bale by the looks of it will be available in the summer ? After what he did to us in the champions league final could he be an option ?
    Should Bale leave Real Madrid for the Premier League?

    From beeb

    The question should be... Should a premier league risk loads of money on Bale?

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    Top quality/potent AM, a quality 'controlling' midfielder, some decent cover for our defence and someone to provide some cover for/be a different option in attack and the jobs a good-un.

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    4 players maximum to come in , as per normal.

    The targets according to the millions of itk internauts is :

    De Ligt, Werner, Brandt, ...

    Why do we need scouts, should have a voting system seems to work at SW3 LONDON.

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    If we are thinking of Dele Alli. he will cost 70 mill up.(depending on how long his contract is). we may as well look at Hazard.
    If Madrid is in for Neymar they wont have much money to get Hazard as well. I knows he 28.. But you can get 5 years out of him
    And I know Chelsea wouldn't sell to us.But hes the only player who can run forward from the middle with quality.
    He will get you in double figures at least and you can always play him as a false 9.
    If not him. we need someone of his ability.
    Leader of all..master of none..

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    @just me

    I don't want to be a killjoy

    But there is about 0.0001% chance of Hazard or Alli coming to LFC.

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    I don't want alli anyway. I think hes over rated
    Leader of all..master of none..

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    Hazard wants Real Madrid or nothing.

    I'd stick my neck out and say it's a done deal.

    He won't go to city, Utd or PSG. If he goes back to France it's for Lille, only Lille. And let's face it right now lille don't have the cash.

    Real Madrid , I'd say 90% sure.

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