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Thread: Summer 2019

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    Quote Originally Posted by Balinkay View Post

    I love Joe more than most on here, but the season's long. Considering injuries and the multiple competitions do you not think there will be enough games to keep him happy? We all want Werner to sign, but he'd be in a similar position.
    If we assume de Ligt would get all PL & CL games.......we've played 10 FA cup and 8 League cup games in the last 3 seasons. Unless there's a long term injury, which there might be, I don't see how he'd get enough games. As nice as it would be I just don't see us forking out £80m to reinforce our cb cover.
    I haven't seen enough of de Ligt to have an opinion but is he really that much better than Gomez or is it just a case of everyone thinking Gomez only has a handful of games in him a season?
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    I agree Tone

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    Can't see any CB bar VVD playing *all* games in a single competition. I don't think de Ligt is that much better than Gomez if at all.
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    Philippe Coutinho's Barcelona troubles deepened when he was whistled by home supporters at the Camp Nou.

    PSG or Man U Phil?

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    Is Ian Doyle a reliable journo ?

    Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp will consider his central defensive options ahead of the forthcoming transfer window with Dejan Lovren having missed much of the season through injury.

    65 mill mooted fee amortized over a long career..

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    The £65m is what Barcelona paid for de Jong, it reads.

    Not sure any price has been stated for de ligt. Your much loved transfermarkt does value him at 65m€ if that has any value marker.

    Another itk quotes 75m€.

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    £ or € something... right.

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    Another quality defender is always welcome, but I'd much rather use that kind of money on areas further up the pitch.

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    Werner and Brandt. bitte schön!

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    PSG’s Rabiot Parties at Nightclub after Champions League Exit: “Unacceptable”


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