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Thread: Post your thoughts 2019 edition

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    Quote Originally Posted by RedNoodle View Post
    I had to go to a 'medical' appointment today. As a result of massive anxiety and not having slept due to this anxiety and various medical conditions including an infection I developed a couple of days ago, I left my phone in the taxi.

    Like I said, some people are repeatedly kicked when they are down, when they are nearly dead, and even in some cases when they actually are dead, both actually and metaphorically.

    Why? Why? Why? Why? Why?
    What is wrong with you?

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    I was talking to a bloke i work with a while ago and i mentioned i'd met Jamie Carragher,after the usual spitting remarks and that he said
    "Carragher isn't even a proper scouser." I asked if he knew where Bootle was and he said,"its not proper Scouse round there." So i was wondering if any "Scousers "on here could tell me where the proper ones come from? Maybe it might be like the cockneys with the bow bells thing and i just haven't heard about it.
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    Don't think I'm a "proper scouser" as such.
    I was born in Liverpool and lived in L13 (Stoneycroft, not far from Old Swan L14) until moving to South Wales at the age of 14.
    Can't say I agree with the bloke you talked to, as Bootle contains part of the docks network, and I've always thought of the docks as being a major part of the City.
    Far as I'm concerned Liverpool extends from the Pier Head to Speke in the South, Knowsley to the East and Litherland/Crosby to the North.
    I'm sure other scousers might disagree with my argument.
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