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Thread: Champions League 1/4 Final Draw

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    Not wanting to go over the whole Suarez/Evra thing again,
    But Evra so far as used the N word himself now hes been caught using homophobic rants. what an horrible little man.
    Leader of all..master of none..

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    Evra loves provocation.
    He loves social media
    He recently had a situation with PSG.
    Big celebration with the man Utd win.
    At the end he had another situation with Jerome Rothen, about slapping him... punch.

    Then someone at psg wrote to UEFA complaining about Evra behaviour.

    Then Evra makes a video... mocking psg, owner, and letter writer.



    The situation with Suarez. Evra was very clever playing the victim.
    Negrito is in South America a way to say sweet black person.

    It's not offensive.

    But Evra twisted it , fa too, or whoever took the case.

    Poor victim Evra.

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