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Thread: Brexit thread 2 Electric Boogaloo

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    Ireland - $69,231.
    Netherlands - $51,049.
    Sweden - $49,836.
    Iceland - $49,136.
    Germany - $48,111
    Austria - $48,005.

    What created Ireland's wealth?


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    Quote Originally Posted by Balinkay View Post
    Meh, politics has always been a dirty business. If it wasn't money it was power. The nature of the profession. It's a necessary evil.
    True, most human affairs including science have this charge too.
    I think after ww2 there were sincere attempts at politics. But that has been lost since.

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    Hes pretty cool alright , not sure if I've seen this one.

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    Public debt in terms of % GDP
    Average wage

    Europe is far from being poor

    Think about the politics , economics, migration... this is a very long story.

    Hours to debate. So much to cover. Historically, Present and Future

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    Quote Originally Posted by CCTV View Post
    Hes pretty cool alright , not sure if I've seen this one.
    Magic washing machine
    And the incredible stats the other

    Lots of great interesting videos on Ted

    Jamie Oliver... obesity
    And Mike Biddle ..... about plastics
    Elon Musk and travel under the city

    Oh and Google driverless car... x2

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    Banks and Greece.

    Why... because Greeks avoid paying taxes. Over 30 years avoidance.

    What happens if a whole country avoids paying taxes... straight forward .. bankruptcy

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    Czech republic.

    One of the first countries to benefit from countries like france of outsourcing.

    Production in France over 25 an hour.
    In the past Czech republic dirt cheap.

    So move production units to Czech republic, Poland, Romania.

    Now of course China.

    Jobs lost / Jobs gained elsewhere
    Poorer European countries become richer, easier for companies to start up business there.

    Cheaper products.
    More profits for multinationals... globals

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    One thing that has always made me laugh... ironically of course.

    People coming into the UK are immigrants.

    Yet uk / Brits living abroad are ex pats!

    Hum how does that work?

    Nothing more annoying than ze English asking " do you speak English?" when abroad.

    Fuck off speak their language!!

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