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Thread: Around the world News

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    Quote Originally Posted by fagin View Post
    If i am reading your post correctly i'd say whichever Government comes to power in the GE the Death Penalty needs to be re-visited and voted on.

    Re-habilitation isn't working and for the most part is only in place for all the bleeding hearts out there in society that cannot face the Fact that many Murderers or Terrorists are beyond the re-hab process.
    I'm not a fan of the death penalty for various reasons. I would rather an incarceration variety of 'permanent removal' was available, but alas everything comes down to money, and a such politicians will bleat on about there not being enough money and space to house all these criminals (despite reduced costs from my 'no frills' approach). If that was the case then the most serious of criminals, those that are undeniably guilty, and those that pose any further risk to society should be considered for 'permanent removal'. As much as I don't like it, if it's a choice between the life and safety of one criminal/nutcase, or that of one or more good, law abiding citizens, I'm going to side with the latter every time.

    We spend far too too much time, money and energy on those that almost universally will never deviate away from heinous and/or criminal acts when there are millions of people in this country (the poor, the sick/disabled, the homeless etc) who are much more deserving of all that time, money and energy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RedNoodle View Post
    The gentleman who was killed was one of two people killed by 28-year-old Usman Khan who launched the attack at a Cambridge University conference on prisoner rehabilitation.

    Rehabilitation and left leaning policies do not work when it comes to both stopping and punishing people like these and criminals in general. Firstly stop as many nutters/criminals as possible from entering the country, and secondly punish criminals adequately i.e. 'permanent removal from society' (one way or the other) for serious/repeat offenders, whilst other criminals should be incarcerated in a harsh/non comfortable enviroment i.e. basic meals, no tv or leisure activities, only educational and 'human/personal growth' activities.
    It's privatisation and funding cuts of/to Prison service, courts, probation service, monitoring services, that's what caused it, the attacker WAS resentenced and the judge attached a strict condition that he needed to be assessed by the parole board prior to release, which didn't happen because of funding cuts

    The Brexit argument for immigration is just daft, for non-EU immigration we have a points based Australian style system already, yet 269,000 was last years net migration where EU migration was 55k, none EU migration has been over 1m in the last 4 years

    I've always maintained that getting involved in the US' wars and regime change for profit to steal other nations natural resources brings terror to our door, doesn't have ANY benefits for normal working people who are paying for our armed forces AND displaces millions of people who end up trying to head for Europe to escape the shit show we've left of their country

    Stopping using our armed forces as a private army in US conquests would be the best first step
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    The Brexit argument for immigration is just daft, for non-EU immigration we have a points based Australian style system already, yet 269,000 was last years net migration where EU migration was 55k, none EU migration has been over 1m in the last 4 years.

    This bit , not quite with you. Doesn't make sense. Or is it me ?

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    World population from 3billion in 1960 to near 8 billion in 2020 is a big issue.

    We are too many people on a planet; dirty, polluted, overcrowded.

    China. 1,384,688,986.
    India. 1,296,834,042.
    United States. 329,256,465.
    Indonesia. 262,787,403.
    Brazil. 208,846,892.
    Pakistan. 207,862,518.
    Nigeria. 195,300,343.
    Bangladesh. 159,453,001
    Russia 142million
    Japan 126m

    Top 10 Count for over 4.2billion

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    Interesting re the nhs 'service'

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    Since life began people always complain about public services.

    Health, Education, Transport.

    Plus about criminal activity.

    Is it any worse than the 1980s, or 1800s

    There is never a fair system wherever you live.

    Africa, India, South America, Europe (UK). The world is corrupt.

    World colonization is a part consequence of today's problems. Also oil or mineral thirsty world another.

    Displacing millions of people by wars doesn't help either.

    Of course Ethal living in East London will remember the good old days. But were they so good.

    Today the world is global. People move global in a capitalist world. Rich very rich. Poor living in squalor.

    What's changed?

    Capitalist system works. So does communism, or liberalism.

    But who for?

    The death penalty, carrying a gun in the usa at 13yo, or drinking at 21yo, or being knifed in london, or being gay in some countries, or losing your 4yo girl in the battle lines between turkey and Syria.

    The world has gone mad. Just like in 1916 ww1 , or the battle of crecy in 1346. As Baldrick would say "war's a horrid thing..."

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    Quote Originally Posted by dicko1969 View Post

    Interesting re the nhs 'service'
    Interesting article. Begs the question why can't we be self-sufficient and train British nurses and doctors?

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    Quote Originally Posted by redebreck View Post
    Interesting article. Begs the question why can't we be self-sufficient and train British nurses and doctors?
    Because both require a degree and are relatively low paid jobs that require a lot of hours and a lot of low paid work while training

    People used to go into these professions because they were relatively well salaried and they wanted to make a difference

    Now it's restricted to people who want to make a difference

    The problem is the Conservative Gov triple tuition fees and cut bursarys for nurse to train, this obviously has a massive affect as most students will currently leave higher education with 60k debt, it's a massive ask of people who want to make a difference, to committ to putting themselves in 60k debt, for a 20k salary to work in an environment that's increasingly stressful as the funding is cut and cut and cut under the Conservative Government and drained of billions through privatisation

    I disagree with Dicko on socialism and capitalism, I think any model taken to an extreme ultimately fails, in the UK we used to have a model that combined both in which they balanced each other, it worked, indeed, even The Economist headlined recently 'For capitalism to function it needs a robust welfare state' this very headline reveals the need for capitalism and socialism to work in combination to provide balance.

    Loads of scaremongering in the UK about socialism, or democratic socialism, they don't want to punish the wealthy or steal or their possessions, they don't object to people being wealthy as long as those people are genuinely wealth creators, who pair fair wages and pay their fair share of taxes they always used to, that's all it is, it's the US ideal that companies should smash profit margins every year that created the extreme capitalism that wrecked the UK and several other countries, just sheer unadulterated greed from a very small percentage of people

    In the UK there's this myth the Conservatives are good with the economy, they had the perfect set up for capitalism when they came to power in 1979, because they had a very large infrastructure from socialism in place that supported the need for a robust welfare state, as they got increasingly greedy, they sold or dismantled pretty much every single part of the socialist infrastructure they needed which has led us to where we are now

    People in the UK are notoriously politically unaware and stupid though, for example, the Conservative party have sold off or privatised every single public service, institution, natural resource a public company we had except the NHS, which is well underway to being privatised, the current PM Johnson is a serial liar, there are documents that outline very clearly he plans to sell off or fully privatise the NHS as part of a US trade deal, most likely by agreeing to US demands of extending drug license patents and hiking prices, at which point they will then say that because of the huge rise in drug prices they can't afford to fund the NHS anymore and we'll have to move to a US style insurance system. Johnson says he won't sell our NHS and despite all the overwhelming evidence that he absolutely will, some of them still intend to vote for him

    The Conservatives have been robbing each and every tax payer blind for decades through privatisation and they're too uninterested to notice, still buy and read crappy RW newspapers and believe everything theyre told on the news.

    UK privatisation in the socialism v capitalism stakes is quite literally capitalists leaching of the UK welfare state and system created by socialism, The privatisation involves not the sale of assets taxpayers have already paid billions to build and create over decades, but it effectively lets capitalists operate as a management company, the UK taxpayer pay more now for all the services that have been privatised and then extortionate bills on top of that, than they would including bills and with profits being reinvested into the service if it was still publicly owned.

    Brexiters bang on about UK fishing rights to demonstrate how completely unaware and politically illiterate they are, UK fisherman having UK waters would in the eyes of free market Conservatives be a monopoly and they are the part who sold of all our other natural resources, I will 100% guarantee any Brexiter that if we leave the EU, Tories will privatise UK fishing rights, putting in place a 'management company' who will make billions out of selling the rights to fish UK waters to the EU countries that currently already do and eventually price UK fishermen out of the market entirely, especially with the tariffs to export to the EU they'll have to pay

    As you might have guessed, I'm currently at my wits end with completely thick working class people who keep voting for these cunts and voting the rest of us poorer, I'm working class, I'm just not stupid
    "If Everton were playing at the bottom of my garden, i'd close the curtains”

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    As we enter Election week can anyone planning on voting Conservative tell me why they are
    With the following record from the last 9 years .
    And if any of the below have affected you, maybe rethink where you put your cross on Thursday

    1,000 sure start centres closed.
    780 libraries closed.
    700 football pitches closed.
    Food bank use up 2,400%.
    Homelessness up 1,000%.
    Rough sleeping up 1,200%
    Bedroom tax caused mass evictions.
    Evictions are running at record highs.
    35% of U.K. kids live in poverty.
    Student fees up 300%.
    Student debt has risen 150%.
    Eradication of EMA (education maintenance allowance).
    National debt has risen from £850billion to £2.25trillion.
    Emergency Brexit stimulus from BoE in June 2016 of £175b.
    Brexit related fall in national revenue £500b.
    GDP fallen to -0.1%.
    GBP fallen by circa 15% versus EUR and USD.
    Manufacturing in recession.
    Construction in recession.
    Services close to recession.
    25-30% cuts to all govt departments.
    25-30% cuts to all councils, mainly centred on Labour councils.
    Half of councils facing effective bankruptcy.
    185k extra deaths attached to the political ideology of austerity.
    25,000 less police.
    20,000 less prison officers.
    10,000 less border officials.
    10,000 less firefighters.
    10,000 less medical professionals.
    25,000 less bed spaces for people suffering mental illness.
    OECD calculate 3 million hidden unemployed, rate is really 13%.
    Creation of 1.3m jobs, mainly temporary, self employed, gig economy and ZHC.
    Only 30k full time work positions created.
    Close on 50% of workers are self employed, ZHC, or part time precariat.
    80% of the 5.3 million self employed live below the poverty line.
    35% of self employed only earn £100 a month.
    25% cuts for our disabled community.
    80% cuts to Mobility Allowance.
    Closing Remploy.
    40% of working households have practically no savings.
    70% of households have less than 10k savings.
    60% of households can only survive 2 months without a wage.
    Household debt reaches a new peak, despite emergency base rates.
    Increase of 50% in hate crimes.
    Increase of knife crime by 150% to 22,000 per year.
    Increase in teenage suicide by 70%.
    Suicide up 12% in the year 2018.
    Self-harm among young women up 70%.
    Life expectancy down 3 years.
    NHS satisfaction level at lowest recorded rate.
    Council home building down 90%.
    200k social homes lost since 2010.
    Zero starter homes built, despite Tory flagship programme.
    Council home building down 90%.
    200k social homes lost since 2010.
    One million families on council home waiting list.
    100,000 increase on the council home waiting list since 2010.
    36,000 teachers have left the profession.
    Six form funding cut by 25%.
    33,000 nurses leave the NHS each year.

    Is this what was known as Strong & Stable

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    Anyone who thinks that politicians care about anyone except themselves and those they associate with is quite frankly six cans short of a six pack, and that doesn't change just because you happen to have left or right wing views, support Labour or the Conservatives, or whether you are well off or don't have two pennies to rub together.

    The fact is that there are serious issues that need to/should be addressed, and those are issues which disproportionately affect those most in need i.e. the poor, and within that subsection the sick/disabled, the young and the old. Everyone else can cope (if they are affected at all) with most of what any of these politicians/parties do.

    Lots of people like to castigate others for their views on certain subjects, but like most important of things in life they should STFU unless they themselves have to deal with these issues on a regular basis e.g. Iain Duncan Smith trying to lecture the poor on how they should spend what little money they have.



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