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Thread: Game of Thrones

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    Quote Originally Posted by RedNoodle View Post
    What was the point of Arya going to Kings Landing?
    Presumably given the way the writing of the show is going there's a possibility she'll do Daenerys in.

    Though Jaime's arc went off-course so he came "full circle" back to Cersei - so if they're doing more "full circle" stuff and Daenerys has "Mad Queen'd" then they'll need a "Queenslayer" - and they have the whole star-crossed lovers thing, so Jon might end up doing it?

    God knows at this point.

    Such a waste.
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    I think Ayra went so the hound could make her see not to turn out like him.. Bitter twisted and resentful and always wanting revenge
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    No spoilers from me, but having watched it from start to finish, I've been incredibly disappointed with the last 2 seasons and brilliant as it was to a point, it ended up being rushed to a highly unsatisfactory conclusion
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    That was a s**t-show of an ending to a clusterf**k of a final season.

    In the space of one season (some might say two) they've basically destroyed everything that made GOT great in it's first few seasons.

    In my opinion this final season is seriously going to harm sales of GOT box-sets.

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