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Thread: Your team v Tottenham - Champion's League Final.

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    Can't see Oxo getting a start after such a long layoff.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nineteenx View Post
    Like to see us play with the same intensity we did in the second leg v Barcelona, that same urgency and focus to attack where we can, when we can, with what we can and the same clinical finishing and in midfield and defence, that same intense focus to get about the opposition, disrupt them, rattle them and that same absolute commitment that we cannot and will not concede.

    People can talk about records in cup finals or Pochettino only having won 1 of his 9 games v Klopp, for me, in this season's run in and with all the constant media attention and pumping up every opponent we faced to play above their best levels against us in every game, it's like we already played 10 or 11 cup finals in preparation for tomorrow night's game
    If we could play like that in every game, we’d never lose again. I think that was a one off mind, not sure we’ll reproduce that very often, if ever. I would love a quick start and a goal to settle the nerves. It’s hard to know what to expect after such a long break. It’s obviously the same for both teams, but I feel that spurs needed a rest, and have benefited from the break, whilst I feel that we would have been quite happy to play the game a week after the Wolves match.
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    None of them are “match sharp”, it’s been a while since we played Wolves.

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    Quote Originally Posted by miller0863 View Post
    None of them are “match sharp”, it’s been a while since we played Wolves.
    It's the same for Spurs, even worse for them as some of their top players missed the last few games of the season.

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    Seems I'm one of the few who thinks Milner will start ahead of Gini. Heard plenty of arguments for and against each starting.
    Confidence in both just think Gini on the bench gives us greater cover tactically.

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