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Thread: Best goals and moments 2018/19 ?

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    Best goals and moments 2018/19 ?

    Will probably forget loads... it's been a quality season

    12 Goals in no particular order...

    Sturridge with 2 goals v Chelsea, 1 in the pl and 1 in efl cup the outswinging long ranger.
    Origi v Everton/Pickford - never give up, v Barca (trents corner) and the cl final aka pure relief.
    Mane v Bayern probably my favourite goal of the season for individual class. Scored a similar one v Watford?, backheel finish.
    Firmino v PSG and Arsenal (5-1?). The arsenal one was more a matter of sheer will than style or calibre of defence. PSG one similar and we dont stop.
    Salah v Napoli, nutmegging the keeper from a very tight angle with a banging finish to the bottom far corner. Mo suffers from having scored a few really outrageous goals last season. I could well have forgotten some others from him. Same with Mane too.
    Shaqiri, Alisson to Sturrdige to Salah to Shaqiri who finishes. Back to front super fast and possibly 4 touches from one end to another.
    Trents freekick v Watford.

    Moments of the season:

    Origi v Everton, Mane v Bayern, the entire Barca game at Anfield, trents corner v Barca, Gini off the bench v Barca, Origi in Madrid, winning no6.
    Trents hatrick of assists in a single pl game.
    Robbo laughs last at Suarez.
    Jose saying he got tired looking at Robertson running.
    Trent walking round the whole of Anfield as the solitary scouser applauding every section of Anfield post Barca 4-0.
    Trent and Robbo breaking and matching the assists records respectively.
    Mane matching Salah (PeA too) for golden boot, scoring 22 in the league, with no penalties.
    Salah scoring 20+ league goals in consecutive seasons, becoming only the third lfc player to do so in the pl era.
    Henderson the renaissance man at rcm, transformed.
    Milner crying I'm sure many tears were shed but Milners were special.
    Alisson- golden glove. Meanest defense in the league, Napoli and cl final in particular.
    TAA Young POTY - I'm overruling the decision.
    Klopp saying the team is now bigger than him and weve seen that over the season.
    Struggling to remember now which game it was exactly in the cl ko stages, but at Anfield before kickoff the cl theme music was inaudible on the tv as it was completely drowned out by Allez Allez Allez. The supporters and locals been immense.

    The champions league home coming

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    A lot to remember

    Last minute v Spurs / Everton

    Man Utd @Anfield, must relaxed comprehensive win ever v that lot

    Win v PSG last mins Bobby
    Win at Bayern

    Of course the big one at anfield v Barcelona




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    Btw Origi speaks like an american/Canadian... 😎🤣

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    Loads of them, Origi comes out on top as his goal got us number 6, and the first under Klopp.
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    For me the biggest, most iconic and defining moment this season came away at St Mary's when Klopp belatedly used Henderson at RCM, bringing him off the bench to play a superb slide rule, the pass before the assist for Trent and then chip in with a goal of his own. As much as other moments have been brilliant, it was that change to our midfield that made it all possible and without which we wouldn't have finished with 97 points or landed No6, had that change been made earlier i remain convinced we'd be celebrating a double this season
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    favourite goals
    Salahs kop end goal against Chelsea
    Bobby dribble through the Arsenal defence Annie Road end
    Mane's outrageous back heel chip (who was that against?)
    favourite moments..
    Everton last minute
    Gini's header agaisnt barca (when we knew the comeback was going to happen)
    Bobby's poked out eye celebration (was that after the PSG goal?)
    Si Senor song after the CL final
    Henderson at Southampton
    Milner crying
    Andy Robbo slapping Messi's head.
    Trent's corner.

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    Messi slaphead and the never ending si senor are great shouts Faird.

    2 gini moments to add - the goal off the corner v Cardiff, mainly as it was decided by the players to adapt their strategy from having learned on the field. An important part of the culture being developed within the team squad.
    Didnt realise this at the time, seen it in some redmentv production, but when Porto scored at home the tannoy blasted out the Gini Wijnaldum tune, instantaneously the reds in Porto burst out jumping and singing the song. . .... Gini Wijnaldum

    Ginis second v Barca was huge. Yeah Bobby one eye was v PSG, not sure on the outrageous backheel from Mane think it was v Watford.

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    Alisson's save against Napoli.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Insidious View Post
    Alisson's save against Napoli.
    Yes, absolutely crucial
    "If Everton were playing at the bottom of my garden, i'd close the curtains”

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    "If Everton were playing at the bottom of my garden, i'd close the curtains”

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