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Thread: Man United - Top 4 Battle Team Discussion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dicko1969 View Post
    80m and deal
    Palace don't need to sell
    50m is cheap as chips
    Not actually sure it will be this Summer.

    Thinks it's going to be a comparatively slow-moving Summer as a lot of clubs that are in transition try to find value rather than engage in bidding wars.

    Wages are going up for clubs, I'm guessing that's due to increasing revenue and markets being proportionate (not my area at all to be fair, economics go over my head a bit) and with clubs having to up the salaries of their players, they may be less keen to "splurge" - I think we'll see more of the lower-mid table sides willing to pay 30m or so for players, but less transfers in the 65m or more sort of range, for fear of long-term lack of value over the course of a contract once wages are factored in too.

    The market may be "settling down" after it was artificially inflated by the Neymar sale. No doubt if Mbappe moves soon we'll see another shift.
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    Agree Sid 😉

    Transfer fees totally mental

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