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Thread: Arsenal - Top 4 Battle Team Discussion.

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    Arsenal - Top 4 Battle Team Discussion.

    I like discussing what's going on with rival sides and it can often seep into other threads and make things disorganised, so I thought I'd make a few threads for that, mainly focusing on the sides that I personally think will be competing for 4th/5th/6th - Chelsea, United and Arsenal.

    This thread's pick is Arsenal.

    Nobody seems to be talking about them at all, bar the "fam, blud" loons on Arsenal TV. By all accounts, they don't seem to have a lot of money to spend and Emery's rebuild isn't happening overnight by any stretch.

    You can't help but feel that the loss of that Europa League Final (and subsequent lack of access to Europe's top table) is really going to haunt them for years.

    They also have the Ozil conundrum.

    I'd be quite surprised if Arsenal were to finish in the Top 4, though certainly wouldn't mind if they did as they're not half as detestable a bunch as Chelsea and the Mancs. They still seem to lack the proverbial "back-bone" that their fans and pundits alike have been crying out for since God-knows-when, certainly at least a decade.

    Is their best bet another attempt at winning the Europa League? Or do they need to find some more "grit" in the Premiership? They did finish just the solitary point behind Spurs, but you can't help but pin that on Tottenham falling apart as opposed to anything else, though credit where due - they were 1 point, 7 goals on goal difference and one 90-minute match away from managing to finish 4th and win the Europa League. Perhaps if they go less far in Europe they could manage to do enough to scrape in.

    The transfer market looks a difficult time for them right now though, it must be said. Who would want to join them over the sides that are out-playing them and out-paying them? They're in very real danger of mediocrity hitting them rather bluntly.
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    New defence needed too

    33yo Koscielny there best defender
    Too injury prone

    Torreira cdm, plus the hairy young French lad, not too bad

    Up top the 2 'frenchies' Aubame/Lacaz

    Ozil total waste of space but on a big contract

    Good luck in Spanish

    Arsenal need 6 players

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    Torreira wants to leave apparently, that'll be the 2nd best midfielder they had to leave if true (Ramsey was probably their best).

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    Arsenal need a cb, lb, attacking cm and winger to be competitive. The likes of Ozil Koscielny Miki Kolasinac are nowhere near good enough

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