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Thread: Who Hates Klopp?

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    I'd venture to say that that United team of 2007-2009 is among the best they've ever had. Whisper it, but it might actually have a case for being number 1. Quite possibly in with a good shout for being among the best ever produced in the country too.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ianlfc View Post
    Looking at the squad in 09 compared to the title winning one of last season there's no comparison. Rafa did a fantastic job of pushing a great Utd team with what he had.
    We had some superb ( and other very effective ) players in that squad though

    Reina - Carra - Hyypiä- Agger/Aurelio - Arbeloa - Alonso - Mascherano. - Gerrard - Leiva - Torres/Babel - Kuyt

    Benayoun and Riera too.

    Very different style of football to be fair. League was different too. We are far more dominant now no doubt but I still wouldn’t want to face that side as opposition.

    Having seen both sides a few times - personally I think the manager and the belief he instils is the biggest difference. Whatever the reason - we are a better team now - no contest
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    Quote Originally Posted by Balinkay View Post
    I'd venture to say that that United team of 2007-2009 is among the best they've ever had.
    That side tops their Treble side for me. It's one reason I dislike trophies being seen as the only measuring stick by some. Nobody is going to tell me that our 08/09 side for example wasn't better than our side that won the League Cup with Kenny, yet it's the latter that picked up a trophy.

    But yeah, that '07-'09 side was United's best as far as I'm concerned, from what I've seen. Thankfully didn't do as well in Europe as they might have done *shudders*

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    Quote Originally Posted by Steveo View Post
    Andre pissing Arshavin was one big factor - the little swine
    That's right. Great game though.
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