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Thread: Hybrid or Electric?

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    Hybrid or Electric?

    There's a fair few car manufacturers building electric, and also hybrid, vehicles.
    There are going to be more, as people are saying there will eventually be a shortage of oil.
    What do people on here prefer? Hybrid or Electric?

    Personally I think Hybrid makes more sense.
    The UK, for one, doesn't in my opinion have the infrastructure in place to provide the electricity needed for All-Electric vehicles.
    Hybrid vehicles can be almost self-sufficient - battery production is developing in such a way that batteries can now run for a decent amount of time, and last for many years (iirc).
    Hybrid vehicles will (should) mean that the amount of oil consumed and required will be reduced, meaning that oil will not necessarily run out.
    The USA will probably be the last to utilise the technology, imo, as they have their own oil supplies and do their utmost to support their own industries to the detriment of the remainder of the planet.
    China steals everybody else's technology so could have the technology and infrastructure in place soon.
    Petrol and Diesel vehicles cause air pollution, leading to people's health suffering, so electric would be a perfect option.
    Only other problem with electric is the fact that other forms of energy have to be utilised to produce the electricity.
    Please discuss.
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    Well at one point no country had the infrastructure in place for petrol powered car. I think it just needs some time on that front.
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