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Thread: Everton v Watford could be a bit tasty

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    Everton v Watford could be a bit tasty

    Everton v Watford could be a bit tasty on Saturday.


    "Everton and Watford may not be one of the traditional great Premier League rivalries - but the clubs meet at Goodison Park on Saturday for a fixture that has had inflatable snakes, threats of legal action and even Kelly Clarkson played in anger as its recent backdrop.

    So how did two clubs with a reputation for friendliness and a desire to embed themselves in their local community suddenly become awash with acrimony?"

    Watford have blamed Everton for their sacking of their previous manager, Marco Silva. They claim Everton's pursuit was responsible for Silva "taking his eye off the ball" leading to a decline in Watford's form.

    "Silva denied his head was turned by Everton's approach but his protests were not helped by a sudden decline in Watford's form and results which saw him sacked in January. The finger of blame was firmly pointed in the direction of Goodison Park.

    He was out after one win in 11 Premier League games, after losing only one of his first eight. The inference that Watford felt his eye had been taken off the ball by Everton's attentions was clear."

    Looking forward to seeing how this game pans out!
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    If he had his head turned by Everton, he probably needs his head examined.
    I bet you can squeal like a pig!

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    Believe it or not but Everton have placed a plastic flag at every home seat for todays match.
    The gift that keeps on giving 😂😂😂

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