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Thread: Bobby Duncan

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    Good riddance

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    Don't know anything about the lad but he's 18 and many young men that age are impressionable, perhaps he's a little gullible? Going to Fiorentina away from family and friends is not the wisest move. He might return more humble

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    The whole saga baffles me.

    He’s Steven Gerrard’s cousin, so obviously grew up idolising the club. The fact that he was at City and then joined us, and has now moved to Fiorentina shows that he’s got something (for the record, I’ve always been impressed when I’ve seen him play).

    I’m pretty sure that he had a future with us, so what went wrong? I don’t believe it was purely a desire to play first team football: he surely can’t be that naive – even Brewster was ahead of him and he’s nowhere to be seen despite Klopp raving about him in preseason. Perhaps that’s the problem – he couldn’t see himself ever making the step up or being given the chance.

    It could be that his agent has persuaded him to move, but that doesn’t make sense; he was playing at the club that he dreamt of playing for all his life. It doesn’t seem like the club have made any effort to talk him out of it. Yes, he’s pissed the club off, but he’s 18 and surely deserved a break on account of his agent being a dickhead.

    Personally, I think he’s made a massive mistake but only time will tell. It could be that his only claim to fame in years to come, is that he had his own thread on here
    I bet you can squeal like a pig!

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