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Thread: What you watched last good or bad.

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    Quote Originally Posted by teesred View Post
    Finished Mandalorian. Best TV show this year by a stretch, absolutley outstanding. Cant wait for the blu ray release.
    Watchedvthe 3 part BBC christmas carol. Really good I thought, different angle on the story in parts which was excellent. Good cast too.
    I think lost in space is better. Mandalorian is great though.

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    Mike Tyson on youtube, fucking hell he was an absolute beast in his prime, still awesome to watch again and I was lucky enough to see his fights back in the day when he first burst onto the scene
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    Mr Robot 4th and final season. It's a great watch and quite different from everything else on TV. I think keeping a series short is a good idea as the likes of game of thrones, Vikings and others got stale after 4 seasons or so

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