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Look at our schedule this Xmas and how it has been handled by the likes of the PL, FA and EFL in contrast to what happens in Spain, especially when it comes to the big two. Then factor in the difference in intensity and physicality (no tackling allowed in La Liga - Messi can't even be breathed on) between the two leagues and the challenges teams face in the PL whether they are playing a top or bottom of the table team.

That and being bankrolled by the State (amongst other shady goings on) is why Spain has done well in Europe in comparison to England, but even then Barca with the so called 'goat' have only won the CL once in the last seven years. Everything is set up for Spanish clubs to do well in Europe, whilst the exact opposite is the case when it comes to English clubs.

All that is another reason why VVD should have won the Balon D'or and why Messi isn't quite as 'godlike' as some would have you believe.
Excellent post, Noods.
All things considered, it's amazing how sides in the EPL have done so well recently.
With the intensity and number of games played domestically, one could reasonably expect EPL sides to be burned out well before the CL and EL semis and finals.