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Hendersonís positive affect on the team when he starts is absolutely undeniable.

Over the last two seasons he has played 62 games and missed 13.
Our win percentage with him in the team is an incredible 85.5% as opposed to a decent 61.5%.
We have lost only 2 of the 62 games he has started and average goals against is 0.6 versus 1.3 when heís missing, more than double.
What a player he has evolved into, captain of a team who are current English, European, Super Cup and World Champions.
Never been done before. Not by Real or Barca or Juve, not by Fergie or even the great Milan side.
Never ever been done.

Well deserved award, what a man, proud to have him as Captain of our club.

Well in la.
Shame that Ferguson did not present that award with the necessary due apologies.