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Thread: Keita

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    He's becoming that player we know he can be.


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    Excellent tonight.
    Intercepting, running, passing, aggressive, all round performance.

    Now stay fit.

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    He was effing superb.. He scared Leicester to death from the midfield.. Set up our dominance for me

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    Much much better from Naby tonight. He needs to realise though that is the standard and it needs to be the norm not the exception.

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    He's just another cog in making a brilliant wheel , plus Talk about coming good at the right time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dicko1969 View Post
    Excellent tonight.
    Intercepting, running, passing, aggressive, all round performance.

    Now stay fit.

    You can't maintain good form if you're constantly on the physio's bench.
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    Not sure when it will happen, but I have no doubt we will see Minamino and Keita (with Henderson, Wijnaldum or Fabinho behind them) playing up with Salah, Firmino and Mane against one of the "lesser" sides in the League and we are going to one-two them to Death and end up winning 6-0 or something daft.

    Anyway - very good again tonight and good that he got a little rest - Salah looked unhappy at being taken off but with us having as many out as we do, we will have to "use the squad" that bit more until the likes of Matip, Lovren, Fabinho and Ox can rejoin the fold.

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    Salah should be more than unhappy, he should be angry with himself.

    Missed a hatful of chances. Also should have laid it on a plate for Mané to score.

    Tonight it could have been 7-0 and it wouldn't have flattered us.

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    MinaMinimino will give Salah some break, he looks very tired.

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    Mo doesn't look tired to me, his game is still developing and he's always working hard to get better, he's been putting a lot of work in recently to get better with his right foot so he can start going either way to finish on either foot, he does need to get his head up and pick players out better more consistently, but he's had a few superb assists the last few games to be fair and would have had one tonight if Mane, who had a brilliant assist himself had finished in the first minute. I think there is a bit of an issue sometimes with Mo becoming blinkered when he's furthest forward and there's a chance of him hitting the target, he gets a bit head down totally focused on the goal and doesn't get his head up for a quick look and pick out players arriving who have caught up with him that he could, but all our lads work really hard to keep improving and you can be damn sure Mo will work on that

    I've got really high hopes for Minamino, looks like he has everything he needs to be a brilliant fit for the team in the various combinations of players Jurgen uses, he has some lovely tricks and skills too, nothing overly flashy, just quality clever technique, body shape and change of direction skills that I think will benefit our other players and help them learn new things and develop just as he'll learn things from them

    Imagine facing Mane or Mo for 60-70 minutes, then it's Minamino who comes on for either of them
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