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Thread: goat premier league striker - vote robbie!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nineteenx View Post
    There is relevance in everything, he has spent 10 years playing in THE most expensively assembled 'bought off the peg' teams in the Premier League, so he's not been operating on an equal footing to every other striker throughout his time
    They have had other strikers in that time at City who haven't come anywhere near his record. A fantastic striker as he proves every season.
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    Quote Originally Posted by justincredible View Post
    The big question is though.... Was Suárez as GOOD as you?

    Miles better, same tricks entirely different level, I think I worked so hard at that age because my girlfriend came round on Friday nights and stayed until Monday so I had Monday-Thursday night free and she worked 2-8 on the weekends but mostly because I lived in Manc and worked with Mancs who were a right shower of cunts and we played 5 a side, so it was my doing what I wished Liverpool would do, work their bollocks off so everytime I played against the filthy I absolutely fucking destroyed them

    Also, I always loved playing football, but because I spent years touring I'd only done it in stints when I'd tried to do a normal job for a couple of years and when I was a kid we didn't have youtube as a tool to really study individual players techniques and body shape and I didn't have as perfect a place to practice either, so it was really really fucking addictive, I've never been a big TV watcher, I was a lot happier spending time, almost all my free time with a football, including low intensity walley practicing body shape and receiving the ball on either foot in my flat and doing keepy ups, that really honed my levels of control, because otherwise things would have got broken and it was never ending, you reach a level, raise the bar again, then again, then again.............

    Used to practice keepy ups all the time, I'd do it constantly in my flat, just on either foot, but also at the end of practicing everything else in my four hour stints when my legs were totally gone, 50 on either foot, sevens, and then getting to 100 going from one foot to the other as follows 1-1 2-2 3-3 4-4 5-5 6-6 -7-7 8-8 9-9 10-10 11-11, well, over 100

    Had a mate who'd come to the park with me sometimes, although I wasn't playing 11 a side, I'd have him 25-30 yards away from me and practice pinging it to him with either foot and a variety of spin, usually back spin so he could control it easily, putting it almost constantly right to his feet, had to go fetch it a lot too as he didn't really play so couldn't kick it that far or very accurately
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    My training regime was:

    Get in from work, do a cheat warm up via a really hot bath followed by stretches, top of the stair calf raises on the step for pace off the mark, first 10 yards, into the underground car park, 1hour 10 minutes of skipping, because the games I played were an hour. Shooting practice with both feet, practicing all sorts of finishes and quite a bit of the drop toe Benzema curler using the pillar as though it was a defender, shooting practice running in on the angle from either side towards the pillars, practicing a trick to go either way and finishing with either foot as I approached either pillar, wally for a decent spell absolutely whacking it and trying to control it with either foot, running around going between each pillar practicing running with the ball in stride on either foot changing direction in a circuit, running pillar to pillar (they were 10-12 yards apart) at different angles without the ball as if closing down trying to build stamina until I was absolutely knackered, then keepy ups until I'd done my quotas, then a 10 minute low to mid pace straight line running to warm down a bit, then another hot bath and about 20-30 minutes of stretching until my dinner was ready for out of the oven. I was always starving as I forgot to mention my savage regime quite regularly used to make me vomit, usually after the pillar to pillar, I'd quite often do it until i was sick, then I'd know I'd done enough

    The underground car park was awesome, tailor made it had a huge grill almost exactly the size of a goal for ventilation, perfectly placed in front of it on either side were pillars that were 10-12 yards out and both 2 feet inside either post and no bugger ever parked in there either

    Edit: Almost forgot, I'd also do an hour of single card turnover speed solitaire each night as I felt it helped me be able to make really quick right decisions, think 39 seconds was my best time start to finish, you couldn't always finish though, even on single card

    Edit: A Suarez similarity and something I find curious about a lot of attacking players, most try to use pace to run away from defenders, like Suarez, I'd always run straight at them, trying to square them up to go past them, frequently putting the ball through them, never really went for loads of dribbling, it was all about getting half a yard to get the shot or pass off, running a player into an area to take him and another out of the game before passing it, or using them as a shield to unsight the keeper by bending it around them to either far corner, or putting it through their legs as they attempted to block to the other corner or as a ball for myself or another player for a one touch finish
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    "If Everton were playing at the bottom of my garden, i'd close the curtains”



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