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Thread: Curtis Jones

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    Quote Originally Posted by Steveo View Post
    Quite true but looks to have all the ability you could need... A long long way to go, but he doesn’t look far off being used in the first team.
    Definitely a good up and coming player with a lot of quality, but a hell of a lot to learn, needs to develop a much better team mentality and stop glory hunting, was awol from his position playing at LFWD chasing glory when he was supposed to be in the Gini LCM role when we were leading 2-0 with their lad who caused all our problems breezing through the area he was supposed to be in time and time again in the first game, and could have put a goal on a plate for any one of two of our lads before their own goal tonight but went looking for the glory again.

    The lad needs to learn it's the mentality, team ethic and discipline that will get him first team opportunities quicker, not sacrificing those things chasing glory goals
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