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Thread: Where can we improve?

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    For the next 2 years

    BACK 5;

    Alisson / Adrian


    Robbo / ......... Larouci (Gomez/Millie)


    VVD .....

    So the back 5 Lovren to go

    VDB , Hoever still too young and never likely to make it 100% who knows

    - CB love the French lad CB at Leipzig
    - LB ..... IDK

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    Next 2 years ;

    Midfield 3


    - Soumaré from Lille

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    The front 3

    + Werner and Sancho

    Lallana / Shaq / Lovren / Origi / Grujic / Wilson £100m



    Net £150m

    Wages no change

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    Werner, another CM with Hendo's incredible levels of natural fitness and box to box ability who can operate at No6 or either more holding No8 position and a more creative No8 for LCM (left footed too) who can operate as a holding No8 or attacking No8
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    Having thought about it more I think Werner, Soumare and Fabian Ruiz fit the bill for obvious reasons.

    Werner can play any 3 forward positions right across the line and his movement, runs in behind, closing down, get in front of defenders to help his side build from longer balls and recoveries sprinting back ti nick the ball off players toes all fit in perfectly with how we play, I think bringing him in so we have a fourth top quality forward, can give each a little more rest so all are playing at peak and have a player new to the league that defenders aren't used to playing against are all great reasons we should bring him in.

    Midfield I really think we need to bolster our No6 and more holding No8 options and I think Soumare fits the bill perfectly, he has those same incredible levels of natural box to box fitness and drive that Hendo has and we really miss when he doesn't play. If you watch him play you really can see strong elements of things that both Hendo and Gini do really well and it's already there waiting to be further developed which playing and training with them would obviously do.

    He's an absolute unit at 6ft 2, powerful, strong, quick aggressive, all highly desirable elements we look for in players and would make him a great addition not just for his midfield play, but in attacking and defending set pieces. He has the switch ball to either side with either foot and the long left to right and right to left diagonals to the forwards that I believe is very important to how we play and vital passes to have in their locker for any future midfielder we look at.
    He's a true No6 and can play at either holding No8 and as he develops as a more attacking No8 too. He ticks all the boxes for me as a great player to come in and contribute immediately, another Jurgen can make world class and a great signing for the long term too.

    Fabian Ruiz is a very talented player and has a great range of passing and distribution, he's a very intelligent and tricky player, great passing with both feet, again great switches and diagonals with both feet, great vision, very good crosser of the ball, strong dribbler and very strong at shooting from distance. He can play as either No8 and at LFWD and RFWD, he plays a lot for Napoli at RFWD so that effectively gives us 5 top quality forward and would give us incredible strength in depth, even when AFCON comes around.

    Where I'd be most excited to see him operate in our set up is LCM, I just think it would add a lot to our team, him linking with Mane and Robbo down that side, playing switches and diagonals left to right, through balls through the channel, him being a natural left footer and a strong dribbler offering the ability to link with Mane and go outside him down the line and crossing or cutting the ball back or inside him through the channel in the positions Robbo gets in a lot and what he could deliver from there. He's another i could see Jurgen and playing and training with our other lads quickly make world class and another who brings things we don't currently have and another great long terms signing and gives us great options for a few positions. He's this summers Bruno Fernandes, but I think he's a lot better for what will help us improve on our already incredible levels, especially as a natural left footer too and he's coming from a stronger league and Champions League football.

    I think getting another top class forward in this summer and strengthening our midfield with higher quality players than those who will be leaving who will help evolve how we play and contribute immediately and make sure we're not missing elements that make us so strong in any game is how we can make significant improvements to our already incredible levels. More craft and guile and balance in midfield, more players with creativity and greater distribution, vision and switches and long diagonal balls in their locker. It's the natural evolution for me, especially given how much work teams have put in to trying to stop our full backs this season, the skills the midfielders would bring will give teams the issue of trying to stop the midfielder and the full back.

    All three players are ones I believe can absolutely quickly become world class in our set up and working with Jurgen and our current players and help take us to even higher levels. Ruiz being able to play either side as a No8 an attacking No8 LFWD or RFWD and having experience at No6 too would make him a bargain in my opinion, I'd want him for LCM alone, but what he can offer all over the pitch and how he and Soumare would lend themselves to the midfield rotation throughout each game that worked so well in Fabinho's absence, well, it just has me drooling, imagine, 3 midfielders of that quality, all comfortable at No6 or either No8, all with the better distribution and top quality in the passing that's essential to how we play but most of our current midfield lack in, I think it would be absolutely sensational
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    Said on the previous page where I would want us to improve.

    In terms of the training ground, I want more one-two play, centrally, to open up teams that sit in a low, defensive, narrow block.

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    Seems Todd Cantwell of Norwich will be the Lallana replacement in the summer.
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    So no Havertz then? just Todd Cantwell?
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    Quote Originally Posted by toneata View Post
    Seems Todd Cantwell of Norwich will be the Lallana replacement in the summer.
    22 years old.

    6 goals in 22 games in a side that will be relegated.

    Ball-carrier. Likely available for £30m or less. Likely to be here on lower wages than Shaqiri or Lallana. Will barely eat into our net spend.

    I am okay with this.

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    A left back as cover, and someone in midfield who isn't injury prone. Two of them will be going in the summer so others need to come in.
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