Liverpool supporters angry that 3,000 people from Madrid travelled when their own city was shutting down

At a packed Anfield on that floodlit night not two weeks ago, before anybody knew Liverpool’s tumultuous 3-2 defeat by Atlético Madrid would be England’s last major football match for a very long time, it was – in sporting terms – a privilege to be there. It was genuinely a great European night, at a ground and club whose very essence is celebrating great European nights, stretching back decades to Bill Shankly’s great rebuilding. That night, before Boris Johnson’s government finally decided “mass gatherings” were no longer so safe in the Covid-19 pandemic, dazzled visitors were as ever taking selfies by the statue of Shankly, with its winning inscription: “He made the people happy.”
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It is very likely that some people were carrying Covid-19 and there could be an outbreak because of it
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I thought it was appalling those Madrid supporters were allowed to come to the city, potentially transmitting the virus
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