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Thread: Football to make us smlle

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    Football to make us smlle

    Shankly phoned Hughes every Sunday morning to tell him he'd be a Liverpool player soon. "I'd be just about to make short work of a plate of eggs, bacon and black pudding when the phone would ring.

    It would be Shanks," Hughes said. 'Hey, Emlyn, son, don't eat that stuff you've got on your plate there. I'll be signing you shortly. I want you lean and hungry, son. Lean and hungry!'

    Today, thirty years later, I still associate the smell of bacon frying with the telephone ringing at 8.30 sharp on a Sunday morning." Legendary Blackpool player and journalist Jimmy Armfield interviewed the young Emlyn when he had been a professional footballer for 12 months and was very impressed by his dedication.

    "This boy, Emlyn Hughes, is a first-class example of how all young lads should set about learning the game at professional level. He knows that there is a big difference between being a schoolboy star and playing professionally and is willing to learn from every source of advice open to him.

    He really lives for football and doesn't complain about the rigid self-discipline he has had to impose upon himself in his private life away from the ground.

    All the best players have started like that, and, most important, have kept it up all their playing days. To get to the top you cannot do the job half-heartedly."
    “We have to change, from doubters to believers—now.”

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    Emilyn Hughes joint 4 all time appearances 665 behind sir cally cara and SG...

    A player that few would have in their first XI all time greats.


    Neal Hansen VVD Hughes

    Barnes Gerrard Souness R.Kennedy

    Dalglish Rush

    So many subs ...

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    Funny moments with Emilyn and his infectious smile ...

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    Something to induce a smile, if only temporarily:-

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    Some cracking goals there Jay!

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