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Thread: Just how poor are Arsenal

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    Just how poor are Arsenal

    Manchester City have won their past seven matches against Arsenal in all competitions, extending their best ever winning run against the Gunners.

    Arsenal have lost by three or more goals both home and away in a league season versus an opponent (Man City in 2019-20) for the first time since 1969-70, against Chelsea.

    Arsenal are winless in their past 26 Premier League away games against fellow 'big six' opposition (D10 L16), with their last such victory coming at Etihad Stadium in January 2015 (2-0)
    “We have to change, from doubters to believers—now.”

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    Shocking performance from them.

    Spineless ; nothing tbh.

    Massive rebuild looking like they need 10 new players at least.

    Says something when the youngster up front plays ahead of Pepe and Lacaz .

    I just don't see any good players there.

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    Imagine paying 73m for pepe and getting david Luiz as the solution to your defense issue.

    Emery fucked them, but it's more than that the staff that are behind the scenes must be SHITE

    I was laughing then, and still laughing now, david Luiz sums up arsenal 100%

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    Enormous wage bill that is reliant on Champion's League football whilst not having said Champion's League football for 3 seasons, likely to become four.

    Not good.

    Then you consider they have over-spent on some players (whether it's wages that are too large or big transfer fees) whilst also letting far too many players for for absolute peanuts.

    Match revenue is 24% of their income, the highest percentage in the League.

    Even their exploits in the Europa League, from a financial perspective, did little to help. Their run to the final got them something like £34m. To put that into perspective, Inter got something like £48m in the same season, despite failing to escape the Champion's League group stages.

    They need to become hard negotiators and genius-tier in the scouting department basically overnight to have any chance of Champion's League football soon. I actually feel a bit sorry for Arteta as I think you'd need to be a top 10 Manager in the World to make their set-up work and he could have a nail in his Managerial coffin before he has had a chance to get started. He has a very different task on his hands compared to, say, Frank Lampard.

    13 points above the relegation zone at this stage of the season also isn't a big gap - that's only a 5-game swing - and they are surrounded by clubs who look to be progressing, one way or another.

    If they don't get the running of their business/finances together in the next 3-5 years, combined with some good recruitment and some Champion's League football, there's a "Leeds situation" brewing there. They're at no risk of being relegated in the next 5 years you'd think, but give them an injury-hit season in 8-10 years time on the back of some mismanagement and you never know.

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    I don't think moving to a brand spanking new stadium has helped them, they've managed 3 FA Cups since and have managed to finish 2nd once.

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    They're a right mess. I remember when they spent £70 million on Pepe I thought it was absolutely crazy given how poor their defence is. The fact that David Luiz is a regular for them says it all

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    Quote Originally Posted by reddownunder View Post
    They're a right mess. I remember when they spent £70 million on Pepe I thought it was absolutely crazy given how poor their defence is. The fact that David Luiz is a regular for them says it all
    A few on the match-day thread when we played Arsenal at home were wishing we signed him after he looked half handy against us.

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    In short they are finished for a considerable time. They're way behind even the way behinds like Spurs and Utd. Havent been close to a major for 14 years, not even a remote threat in the long term.
    I can understand why a lot of their fans wanted Wenger out but they'll be wishing he'd never left now as they have plummeted since.

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    I think the mind set started under Wenger..he stayed on wayyyy to long.. And he gave contracts of 350 thousand to Ozil.
    The owners aren't helping they appear to be penny pinchers.
    It must be very difficult for the really top players to get be the best they can when 75% of the squad is poor. You just know their own backline will concede tons of goals.
    Leader of all..master of none..

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    I honestly can't remember a worse Arsenal team in my lifetime. They are bloody awful. It wasn't that long ago they had 60,000 + watching a 3rd Round cup game with a team of kids. It just shows how quick it can go down hill if you get a shit manager. Souness with us and Moyes at Utd springs to mind.



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