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Thread: Your team v Crystal Palace

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nineteenx View Post
    With Fabinho in the centre we DO NOT get: Centre to left switches to Robbo and Mane, centre to right switches to Trent and Salah, link up with Trent, Mo, and Bobby or crosses from inside right, all of that makes a massive difference to how we attack and play, I like Fabinho, but our play has evolved hugely since he first arrives and during his absence this season, keep going forward and use him for the games v City, Barca etc and to close out games in the last 20 minutes, when his speciality, keeping it, giving it simply without going anywhere will be useful
    U don't like the guy even if you say you do. This here is evident enough. Stop saying you admire I'm and then type this. Our game had evolved (really). Since Fabinho came we have won everything we have desired. He is as part of the evolution and success as every other signing and player we have. He was that missing piece for the midfield. Henderson has his believe back and yes he can ping a ball, all players don't need to have the same qualities. Each bring something different.

    Fabinho breaks up play, passes it quickly and goes about his business. But we have seen he has the deftness to unlock a defence that sits deep with a delicious ball over the top. The Mane goal and tonight again. Clearly with his shooting he could score much more in future as well.

    Prior to his injury he was boss, most players are rusty after a lengthy lay off and both times he came back from an injury you have been harsh and critical.

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    He's our best midfielder when on form I love the guy takes a while to recover from injury but that's all it was.

    Top player and I'm not sure why 19x was on about creativity because no other midfielders really offer that in the squad, that much. Fabinho is probably one of the best we have at it!

    Him and bruno Fernandes would be some pairing shame we didn't go for him.

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    I just heard that tonight was his 50th appearance. Of those 50, we won 41. Not too shabby.
    I bet you can squeal like a pig!

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