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Thread: Last 14 Games

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    Last 14 Games

    Over the last 14 Games

    Liverpool 29
    Man City 28
    Man Utd 28
    Burnley 27
    Arsenal 27
    Wolves 25

    Anyone thinking we will walk it again next season, particularly with no proper squad additions let alone first 11 recruits, is off their box.
    While we can say that we’ve not been at our best since winning the league, everyone has hard luck stories over a 14 game period...woulda, coulda, shoulda... so forget that.
    Two red flags from the above, firstly despite everyone dissing Utd and saying they’re still miles away, the above would suggest otherwise as they have kept pace with both City and ourselves. Secondly, look at three below Utd, we’re not exactly streets ahead of them either.

    We (FSG in particular) cannot afford your be complacent and expect the same main 15 or 16 players to do it again for a third season without fresh investment again this summer. A couple of injuries to the back five or front three and we see a massive drop in performance.
    Just hope the club realise it.
    "I am the Normal One."

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    I've said it before, us loosing a few games may not be a bad thing. Of course the league was wrapped up in March but it may show the owners that we arn't invincible and you always need to improve the squad.
    Hopefully top American sports teams are no different and they know this.

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    There is no sugar coating it.They need to invest - should have done so last season - failure to do so this season could be devastating.

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    My opinion is and always has been Man City will win it next season as I think the bald one will no longer play midfielders at CB.

    My biggest regret is us not winning it with fans as to be honest BCD was needs must but I cant get up for the games as they dont feel right.

    We do need to sign a few players and I think we will do we'll have an idea in 10 days time once the league is done & dusted.

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    Its plainly obvious we need to invest. No major additions for 2 years is ridiculous and almost looks like resting on your laurels.
    We made that mistake in the late 80s early 90s and suffered for it later. Do we need to sell to bring in the reinforcements?Alisson and Virgil both funded by Coutinho's sale so possibly.

    I stand by what I said about Utd. This is a different situation, they've played fodder upto now. Credit where it's due they have done well and will do better but they will not make up such a huge difference over 38 games.
    Weve Been in their situation many times (we're only a couple of players away etc) so we should know better than to start worrying about them after weve won the CL and league title successively. City will be the ones to keep pace with no doubt about it but we certainly wont do that if we dont bring anyone in.
    Caution is great,just dont expect to stay at the top whilst doing so.

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    We'll challenge City no matter who they/we sign. Actually retaining the league will be difficult though if we don't make any major signings

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    We won't walk it again and everyone should except and appreciate what we have done and enjoy the moment. Well put up a good fight next season. Stop being a downer

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    Get off my thread mizzog

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    Quote Originally Posted by miller0863 View Post
    Anyone thinking we will walk it again next season, particularly with no proper squad additions let alone first 11 recruits, is off their box.
    Do we have many that think we will walk it?

    Genuine question. I know folks who think we can win it again, but have heard/seen no complacency.

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    Quote Originally Posted by miller0863 View Post
    Get off my thread mizzog
    I hope that wasn't aimed at me!

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