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Thread: Commentators and pundits

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    Quote Originally Posted by faridtoxteth View Post
    Jermaine Jenas is really awful. So bland. You can see the BBC are trying to groom him to becoming maybe a long term successor to Gary Lineker and trying to give some other non football gigs. He did one on knife crime in Nottingham which was an embarrassment. Gary Lineker is alright though. His jokes are awful but he has got a bit of personality and he stands up for social issues.
    Lineker is a **** of monumental proportions, and Jenas (who apparently IS being lined up to replace the crisp munhcing ****) is just rubbish.

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    What's his name on 5live football commentating grrr name on the tip of my tongue .

    Anyway, sounds exactly like Jimmy Armfield.

    I liked it when Graham Taylor was on. Or even Bobby Robson, or did I imagine that.

    Motsey, Brian Moore, who are the other ones on the radio and tv. Oh Brian Clough. Anyone seen Revie and Cloughie having a sit down discussion just after Clough got sacked from Leeds in 1975 ?

    Ron Atkinson ( tosser ) ; Trevor Francis (boring) , Jimmy Hill (pompous), who else...

    Gullit ...

    Trying to think of the different WCs and Euros

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    Ian Denis

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    Quote Originally Posted by faridtoxteth View Post
    I also seem to remember back in the day that Alan Hansen got 50,000 a show. Can that be right? It seems outrageous but that is what i think i remember.
    Alan used to get (can't get an exact figure) around 40,000 a show, with an annual wage of about 1.5m and would get a tax-payer funded taxi from the studio back to his house (about 600 a journey) back in the day. At some stage around 2011 or 2012 his contract was reduced to 500,000 a year.

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    Yes dicko, we should have cut to the car park after the show finished to see them going at it toe to toe

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    I don't really mind Lineker, Noods, but Jenas is pretty bad.
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