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Thread: 2019 - 2020 liverpool wc cl pl champions

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    2019 - 2020 liverpool wc cl pl champions

    So your (LFC oc)

    1. POTY

    2. Goal of the season

    3. Favourite game

    4. Best moment

    5. Young player

    6. Best assist

    7. Most improved player

    8. Anything else
    “We have to change, from doubters to believers—now.”

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    1. POTY - MANE

    2. Goal of the season - Fabinho v city. A nice goal in itself but in terms of context brilliant and it lingers in the memory & memery (19s Insertion TWICE)

    3. Favourite game - A tough one, really enjoyed some of our domestic cup games. The 5-5 with arsenal in efl, never gave up, winning on penalties. Beating Everton in the fa cup with a team full of kids with Jones scoring a cracker.
    In the pl beating city 3-1, Leicester 4-0 & Everton 5-2 probably the best of them.
    I'd pick city on importance, leicester for the ease with which we dispatched them, but will go with Everton 5-2 for my favourite. Origi the blue destroyer.

    4. Best moment -
    Sealing the pl title and no voided season - relief
    Super cup win, wcc 1st time winners, 104 points over a 38 game run in the pl, Jones winner v the blues and seeing Klopp overcome with emotion.

    5. Young player - Easy, Trent. A new Phil Neal hopefully, on course
    Jones the breakout kid, followed by Williams imo. But couldnt give it to anyone other than TAA.

    6. Best assist - Trent for Bobby in our last game, a lovely cross breaking his own pl record and its fresh in the memory. My minds a bit blank just now.

    7. Most improved player - a really hard one to call, might revise. Gut says Trent.
    Has shown some true grit and developed as a leader imo from last season.

    8. Anything else - Eh, Trents boss.
    4 goals & 15 assists all comps. (4&13 in pl)
    Goal or assist per minute all comps: per 209.8 min

    This team came close and lost a cl final, then lost last years pl title.
    Theyve won a cl, super cup, wcc and pl title since
    Theyve also lost a title they held in this years CL.
    Hopefully that loss brings them on again and primes them for next season.
    Hopefully bolstered by Mbappe (i know and fuck off in advance everyone )

    Finally think our front 3 as great and classy as they are should be looking to get more goals next season.
    Bobby 20 +
    Mane 25 + minimum
    Salah 30 +
    Not bitching as i see it, just they havent been at their best in terms of taking chances. Bobby and Mo to get back to their clinical best and Mane just to get a few more. Not a big ask imo.

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    POTY : Mane and Jordan (sorry!)

    Goal of the season : From a footballing point of view but not in significance..the last goal against Palace. Firmino to Salah to mane Kop end.

    Favourite game Leicester away. Awesome. that was the moment i was very very sure we were gonna win the league.

    Best moment Trent's goal in that 4 nil Leicester game

    Best young player.. Trent. Already a monumental player at 21.

    Best assist: Andy Robbos cross for Mo Salah's header against city.

    Most improved: A difficult one, maybe in a way Naby Keita

    Anything Else. There are so many player who I really love all throughout the team, Alison, Virgil, Trent , Sadio...but my favourite player is still Bobby Firmino

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    Nice one guys
    Really well summed up

    Cheers !

    I had the impression to be reading a shoot magazine from the 1980s

    Seriously good summary 😇

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    6. Best assist

    Henderson’s cross for Mane against City at home. Dug it out from deep wide right, it sailed over everyone and was on a plate for Sadio to head in. This after picking it up under pressure on the touchline with nothing on.

    Sealed the 3 points against our title rival.



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