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Thread: Bobby

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    Doesn't get much credit for what he does (I admit that I wanted him dropped/rested during a period last season) but big Virgil has named him as the best player he has ever played with. May not get the goals but is as important to our play as the other two irreplaceables up front.

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    without him the front 3 doesn't work

    that's how important he is, he's incredible best #9 in the world without a doubt.

    Has his moments where he's frustrating misses a easy chance etc.. then comes up with something brilliant anyway.

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    He is the fulcrum of the team. Look at how the team changed last week when he came on at half time. He's got everything. Skills, second to none. Tenacity, he is really tough. Unselfish. the hardest working player in the team. Great attitude. And a whole repertoire of mad goal celebrations.

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    Hes just unbelievable. It was an eye opener to see him in the flesh at Anfield against Norwich. Supremely talented player.

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    Sometimes get pissed of when his flicks don't work but until you've seen his whole contribution to our play, you'll never know what he does for the way we play.

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    Every time someone starts a thread about a particular player the day before or after a big match I think the worst, I'm still recovering from the Van Dijk thread last week.

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    Normally starts the season a little slowly and grows into it.

    This time seems to be starting out on fire.

    I'm sure there will be a dip in form at some point this season as he's only human, but no matter.

    Just enjoy him, Mane and Salah while they're here - they're all 27 at present (Firmino turns 28 in October) and we know how FSG aim to do things - get the most from them, sell just after the "peak" while still high value, invest in young versions.

    He is an absolute joy to watch. Doubt he'll finish his career with us, but I'd love it if he did.
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    As Sid once put it: "[he doesn't] play in Klopp's system, he is the system!". What we do just doesn't work without him. He's the best defenisive forward in the world. I love him to bits. He's like the mad child of Kuyt and Benayoun! He's got the Brazillian flare, but with some German discipline. Absolutely sublime player. Good thing the likes of Barca and Real are idiots and won't go for him as he's not flashy enough.
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    I think hes very like Suarez. Lacking the finishing but most other aspects are similar. Probably more creative and less selfish.

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    Question is, did Jurgen alway have that roll in mind or did Bobby create that roll for Jurgen? Lewa was a completely different player to Bobby.

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