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Thread: What you watched last good or bad.

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    Quote Originally Posted by redebreck View Post
    Cracking film just starting/about to start on BBC channel 4 13/08/20 10:15 pm - "the Damned United".
    Worth a watch if you've not seen it.
    Bastards, they've changed it because of the fucking snooker

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    Watched "Fury" with Brad Pitt.

    It's a good enough film, a touch "paint by numbers" though, didn't reach the heights it could have and an element of "all been done before" but has a couple of moments of fine acting and cinematography.

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    Secrets of the Berlin Wall on BBC iplayer. Fascinating documentary about the GDR. I had nonudea how bad the stasi were.
    Also watched the lost Nazi videos of WW2. Like all docs on the war its pretty grim and graphic in its content. The atrocities of Nazis never cease to shock me no matter how many times I see them. It was truly horrific but it also tells of the horror of the German people after the destruction of Hamburg and Dresden.
    Always irritated me when Brits say "we won the war". Nobody won. Everybody lost.
    Started Mandalorian season 2 also. Best thing on TV by miles.



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