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I am a Mac user - have been since the old apple lle....and that was the mid 80ís baby..!

In the early/mid 90ís I had to use Microsoft (yuck) - first DOS - then the Dreaded Windows - for Autodesk 3D Studio Max - and became aware of just how backwards, bug ridden (stuck in an endless loop of driver updates etc etc) the entire process was. This was of course the go to system for computing at the time too.

Macs were only used by Graphic professionals mainly in ad agencies - which was where I spent much of my career.

The moment I was able to use Maya and more recently Cinema 4d on the Mac I ditched PCís for good.

So between 2002 and this Christmas I havenít been near one. That changed this January when work decided to get me a very powerful (mid range Ryzen 9 5950 series) Alienware PC - costing well over £5k ( graphics card at nearly £2k).

It lights up - cool... Itís pretty fast with rendering to be fair too - BUT it is a pile of unadulterated crap - because it is running windows 10..!!

I was beginning to think apple had lost it totally - Catalina etc - I was losing faith by in them.. but with the Windows 10 workstation sat next to the Mac - and it is more powerful - no argument - but I do not use the thing at all. It is a huge hunk of junk. Total waste of money - thankfully not mine.
I bought my first Mac in 1994. Since then, I've upgraded about every 5 years, so I'm now on my 5th machine in 27 years. Two of my older laptops, are both in daily use with relations. Not too bad.