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Thread: Microsoft Windows 10

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    Microsoft Windows 10

    Was surfing this morning before walking away from the PC.
    Came back this afternoon and I have a really attractive landscape on the screen but nothing else.
    I've tried pressing the mouse button, the space bar, Enter key, and nothing happens.
    Typical, Microsoft, "updates" the operating system without asking the user or telling the user what's happening.
    Inefficient OS constantly needing bux fixes, and Microsoft is one of the world's biggest IT companies.
    Anybody else think they're overrated?
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    Tried Win.10 on a laptop 3 years ago....I hated it and flogged the lappy and bought an old Win 7 one...My music studio PC runs Win.7 too....Trouble is those wankers Microsoft are withdrawing support for it on 14 Jan.2020....Dreading it tbh....



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