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Thread: FNF and weekends other games

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    Top of the var league are

    Brighton + 6 points and
    Leicester + 5 points

    Bottom are

    Norwich (6 points 'lost')
    Wolves 5 points lost

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nineteenx View Post
    Why do people talk about things evening themselves out in reference to VAR? The rules are the same for everyone, almost every call is the same for everyone and applied to the letter of the law as it stands, there's nothing to even out, whereas before VAR with refs and linesmen making awful decisions or bottling decisions because it was a certain team, manager or ground never even nearly evened itself out
    I think people say things even themselves out because it's a way of saying stop whinging, get over it and look at the bigger picture. Alternatively VAR isn't perfect so hopefully the imperfections will even themselves out, and soon.

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    Arsenal currently 1-0 up at Palace at half-time, leap-frogging them to within 6 points of 4th place.

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    Now 1-1 with David Luiz defending like David Luiz defending 😂😂😂

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    David Lolz.

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    Aubamayang got sent off and it ended 1:1

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    The challenge from Aubamayang was ridiculous, Thankfully it was updated to a red.. The var worked for once
    Leader of all..master of none..

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    Why VAR didn't overturn the penalty decision at Chelsea is unbelievable.

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    Danny Ings repaying us with hopefully the winning goal against Leicester.

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    Bye bye Brendan.

    Good opportunity to turn the screw

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