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Thread: Boris Johnson - Mastermind

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    Despite such a huge majority for BJ and such weak opposition I hope surely that there is enough crap surrounding BJ and his boys to at least get rid of him as PM.
    He:s a twit.

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    Just tuned into parliament live.
    BJ appears to have put up a junior minister (Juliet Lopes? - not sure of her exact name) to answer the CCTV and security leaks questions.
    She is wearing quite a nice RED dress!
    Wonder what BJ thinks to that!!
    Ha ha!

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    One thing about modern day politicians they are much better looking (the female ones obviously)
    Leader of all..master of none..

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    Well turned out but sickening.
    Just listening to Javid turning up as new health minister.
    Crap plaudits for his predecessor from both Javid , Ashworth and Hunt.
    When will we ever move on from this crap.
    Angela Rayner should have been there today to greet Javid.
    Much more spunk!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Daffydd View Post
    Nothing will change from a mere change in personnel. Same mindset. Same system. Same bullshit...e.g. UN Agenda 21 & The Great Reset.....

    In older times adultery was a scandal but all the media care about is that he broke the sacred covid BULLSHIT!
    I totally agree,look how scared these bunch of Fascists are of the the 'virus'.....

    Here's how effective the masks are.......

    This whole thing is really BOILING my piss I have to be honest.....

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    Amanda Millings today pretty much confirmed that there will be no further investigation into Matt Hancock's doings.
    He resigned and was replaced within a day and that is that!
    Disgusting arrogance.
    How long was he carrying on with his mistress for whilst standing at those press conferences and handing out his rules.
    I suspect throughout the whole pandemic.
    BJ was probably privy to it and no doubt approved.
    BJ probably knows an investigation would be disastrous.
    Starmer is so weak.

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    Don't know why they're bothering reporting numbers still and making people worried if they're that confident to open up everything on the 19th

    Don't see a need for it anymore.

    It's making me want my 2nd jab faster than having to wait for early next month especially where I work now there's a lot of people of all sorts working there, already rebooked it from later on in that month.

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    Later I will catch up with what BJ had to say in PMQs regarding racism.
    He has had loads of faux Pas in his past.
    Always refused to apologise and most recently said that he does not use that sort of language anymore.
    Remains a buffoon IMO.

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