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Interesting article there about the election CCTV.

I hadn't seen that WEF video before, but those marketing techniques always make me suspicious, drumbeat, buzzword bingo! "so many are calling for a Great Reset" hmmm really? just like in the year 2000. It sounds good but "trust is hard to come by". I reckon that Davos bloke has got an agenda.
He certainly has....The WEF(The Davos mob) signed a deal with the UN in June 2019 to speed up the implementation of this 'Great Reset' along with the UN's 'Agenda 2030'....The 'You'll own nothing and be happy phrase' etc....Also you hear so many politicians and the like spouting this 'Build Back Better' green new deal shit....Sounds like a dystopian hell for all but the very rich to me....