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1) Hi CCTV
I am not sure that has been debunked.
What media or other sources should we believe?
2) I am not a democrat or otherwise
3) What impact the potential interference may have on global politics may unravel over many years.
Russia and Putin play a very clever game of Chess.
I do not know what there end game is but the as yet unproved involvement in the plane shot down, the incursion into Crimea and Ukraine, a) the poisoning of certan Russian subjects and the present situation in Syria and Belarus should not be viewed in my opinion as lacking some strategy. e.g. b)probe, test and no response - good - continue to probe.
It would not surprise me, whilst the rest of the world are so busy with this virus, if Russia are 'invited' into Belarus thus linking Russia with Kaliningrad and the Baltic Sea and at the same time isolating Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania.
Russia is also going to be a major energy supplier to the EU.
4)Those are my thoughts.
Where I last worked in UK there were a lot of Polish guys worried about this scenario and there reserve army had increased massively over the last few years.
They are worried too.
They think Putin wants to reclaim what he views as land occupied by Russian speaking people.
5)Trump has very little to say v Putin. He appears to like being associated with dictators.
Signed a deal yesterday with Arab nations and Israel. 6) Was that a good deal? Perhaps time will tell.
7) Managed to fit in some debunking view on climate change in Oregon/California.
UK like to be associated with US.
I thought the world was better c. 2000 - went on a massive long holiday that year across europe and met many Russian tourists.
1) Aaron mate won an izzy award for his journalism on it and has been at the un with opcw whistleblowers, seems to be active in good journalism albeit he has his bias, professionalbut very lefty.
Bill Binney iirc a Sam Adams award winner for intelligence whistleblower (Assange & Snowden also won) would be a good one to follow up imo. Debunks the goosifer2 proposal (imo leading one to the seth rich conspiracy and Assange's reward for info around his death - a botched robbery - failed to rob, managed to murder). A very smart guy and dubbed NSA super genius.
There are a few more.
If it's not been debunked satisfactorily, what evidence would you present for it ?

2) that is surprising, you come across as a lefty by your posts and content coverage. Do you know what you are politically ? A no would be an acceptable answer as it can be detailed.

3) I find it interesting that you were so set on an impact from trumps words, but less so with a hypothesis being proposed of Russia controlling the White House.

I guess we have very different views of Russia/Putin. I wonder how you can worry about Russia at all if they cant even use nerve agents effectively to kill people ?
Russia is a superpower and along with the yanks one of the 2 big nuclear weapon powers. I think they have longstanding interests and relationships with their hinterland owing to their military interests. Along with iran it would seem they have put their country right in the middle of nato/us airbases.
A) I'm sceptical of these chemical weapons attacks, the opcw has had several whistleblowers raise issue with the body for deviating so much from their report and similarly with skrippals I'm suspicous.
Whilst it would seem to be odd timing, that Russias gasline to Germany nordstream2 reaching completion and Assad when winning the war would deploy chemical weapons- the reports whistleblowers indicating in favour of Assad.
B) Russia has a longstanding relationship with Syria so it's not surprising to me they intervened against ISIS when asked into the country. Many of those ISIS fighters have been in Libya and now Azerbaijan iirc on behalf of Erdogan it seems. In Ukraine they annexed a part of ukraine that voted for independence where the population is mostly ethnic russians.
The German led EU expansion into eastern europe has probably upset Russia and the post cold war agreements so I wonder how they are probing and testing. They have geopolitical interests and want a sense of security.
For me Russia are not exactly a comparably active aggressor as western nations.

4) most of my encounters with eastern Europeans have had similar levels of suspicion and disdain for Germans, Russians and Muslims. Sometimes yanks, but less so.

5) given your appraisal of his comments at the start of this thread, perhaps you should be grateful hes said very little about Putin. Do you want him to inflame Russian concerns over the expansion of the EU ever further into the lebensraum and the German/French push for an EU army.

6) are there peace deals you've disliked before ? Theres also the serbia/Kosovo one too, whilst deescalating North Korea to a decent extent.
There have been some historic landmarks from it, a jewish plane landing in the uae. Longer term I'm not sure how the region is resolved. There are large factions that dont want peace, can there be jews in a peaceful middle east. When the alternative version of cbbc has kids talking about wanting to grow up and shoot every jew or depicting a jew killing their barney/mickeymouse I'm not overly optimistic. In terms of strategy it's probably wisest to build some coalition amongst the more agreeable, but it might be resolved unsatisfactorily.
I wouldnt hold out for a northern Ireland type future anytime soon.

7) what are you referring to?
Was it the forest management failures or the prediction of a foreseeable cooling in the coming years ? (something I'd be interested to see if it happens myself as our next solar cycle is expected to be a rather low one, albeit temperature imo will continue to rise over the remainder of the century unless solar activity is going to decrease, about half a degree Celsius for 2100 on current data imo)

To me Russia could play an important role in preventing a hot war between the USA and China. To do so they will need to keep their economic ties with china strong but manage to keep their own position as the superior military power of the 2.